LAUD is under Panel 1 (AR01) of the BCA Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC) Listing.

LAUD is also ISO 9001 and 14001-certified.


Knowledge Base

Since inception, LAUD has shored up its core knowledge base in a wide range of projects from residential, institutional, place of worship, commercial to large childcare centres.

Important lessons learnt are recorded and disseminated throughout the practice. Constant updates and internal reviews ensure that all staff is well-equipped with the relevant professional knowledge and skill sets.


Leveraging Technology

LAUD constantly scans beyond the horizon to explore relevant new technologies in the design and construction industry.

We are one of the earliest pioneers in BIM technology in Singapore. Since 2008, LAUD has been steadfast in investing time and energy to explore the myriad possibilities that BIM can offer.

We have begun carrying out our projects with a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach for projects, for example, using a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) approach to process.

More recently, Computational BIM (Dynamo) and the use of Virtual Reality (VR) are being researched, developed and incorporated into our standard workflows.