E-Bridge Large Child Care Center

The LCCC caters for the teaching and caring of 500 students, comprising infant and toddler care, as well as nursery and kindergarten schooling. The overall intent was to create sheltered play areas that allow spill-over of activities to the external, expanding the classrooms beyond the walls. The classrooms modules, planned in curvilinear form, spread across 2-storeys to form five semi-enclosed and fully sheltered courtyards. These courtyards, named ‘pods’, provide safe play areas that encourage interaction among children. Each pod has a different theme for various play and learning activities. The roof terrace also gives opportunity for class activities to be held in a safe open environment.

This was a fast-track project with a tight 8-month construction period, hence, the design was also driven by buildability and constructability. Modularisation of design and usage of precast and prefabricated building components were used to speed up construction.