The LAUD team constantly seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary design; exploring both architectural and related disciplines to find new and innovative design solutions. Amidst these pursuits, emphasis is still firmly placed on the appropriate and creative use of technologies, materials, space and forms that run beyond fulfilling the client’s brief. We seek to create an architecture that engages the senses and heightens the awareness of space, yet never losing sight of basic functional requirements. Architecture is created through the interaction of social, economic and environmental factors and it is within these parameters that we endeavor to make architecture relevant and integrated to its context. LAUD seeks out particular constraints (be it site, programmatically or socially-related) and unique characteristics and strive to turn these into distinguishing design features that make each project unique and sensitive to the environment.   




At LAUD, great emphasis is placed on the spirit of team work and collaboration, encouraging the flow of ideas and opinions from clients and fellow consultants throughout the design and construction process.

We believe that design is not purely for aesthetic pursuit,but more importantly, that the quality of life for the users are enhanced.

The LAUD team believes that it is only with such intense design energy in examining all possibilities that great design solutions are formulated.  Last year, DECK was conferred the President’s Design Award – Design of the Year 2015 and garnered the Singapore Institute of Architects Design Awards – Best Project Under$2m.  This year, Philips APAC Centre and Grace Assembly of God will go to Berlin to compete in the World Architecture Festival 2016.




The basic requirement of architecture is for shelter.  However, beyond the simple shelter, we believe architecture embodies and encapsulates relationships and interactions of the users.  Be it in an institution,an office environment or a single house, we seek to create environments that foster such social exchanges which in turn support that very sense of community.





We believe in creating architecture that is well suited to its specific environment, ensuring the building envelope is able to breathe and sync with the weather in which it is sited. From the hot and wet tropics to the cold and dry temperate climates, our designs seek to climatically contextual and sensitive to the surroundings.





Tropical architecture has long standing roots in the vernacular structures.  Yet many modern contemporary designs ignore the basic needs of shading and layering, and over-rely on M&E services to cool the space.  At LAUD, we prioritize passive design over mechanical aids to create buildings that respond positively to the environment